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How Awards Can Drive Motivation Internally Within Your Organisation

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79% of employees believe that an increase in recognition would make them more loyal to their Employer.

We are all aware of how business awards programmes can provide recognition for your organisation. Win or lose, taking part in competitive awards programmes shows that you are willing to externally validate the work you are doing and gain recognition for it. What is less discussed is how entering awards with a clear and fair assessment model can drive motivation for your employees. 

The employee landscape is changing and younger generations are calling for more than just a big Salary. A study by GlassDoor showed that 87% of millennials who are changing jobs would choose extra benefits such as remote working or unlimited holiday over a pay rise. 64% wouldn’t take a job if the company didn’t have strong CSR policies. Most importantly a study by DaVinci Payments found that 79% of employees believe that an increase in recognition would make them more loyal to their Employer.

One great way to recognise the hard work of employees is trusting them with developing and presenting your awards entry. Recognise your employees by deeming their initiative or project worthy of winning. Is there any higher praise than being trusted to present your business story against the competition? We don’t think so. 

The awards process brings employees and teams together to work on achieving the common mission, winning! Carefully crafting your entry requires inter and cross department participation and brings out the best in all of them as they focus on the good in the organisation. 

When it is all said and done and the dust has settled. Treat them to a night of celebration at the Awards Ceremony, win or lose, it’s worth celebrating what has been achieved as a team. 

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