International Business & Leadership Awards


The International Business & Leadership Awards celebrates the best in Business and Leadership across the world. Packed with business best practice stories, real world case studies and networking opportunities.

The Awards

Hosted online, the International Business & Leadership Awards showcased the best in business and leadership across the globe. Sharing business best practice, business stories and learning from each other’s success across a wide range of sectors.

During the finals over 75 Finalist presentations were scored by the judges in the largest gathering of business and leadership best practice in one place. Attendees from all around the world tuned in to see which organisations took the win.


ARCET Global was founded by members of the core team that has been together since 2014.

The team has vast experience in executing Awards programmes, delivering over 15 Awards across 5 different programmes throughout the Middle East & Europe.

Through ARCET Global, the Team will build on their reputation of creating, launching and producing leading Business Awards programmes.